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professional indemnity insurance I want to thank Edgar in Indiana for sending me the $20 donation this week.  I really do appreciate that.  I added a new story tonight from unlock iphone 4 about her swinging experiences with a couple she met online.  I also added a new true crime story to the castors.  A word of warning, these are very extreme stories and not for everyone.  I am planning to go on vacation in two weeks to Florida.  I am taking my son to Disney World I am really excited about that.  My friend Penny is coming along with

her son and we are splitting the costs of gas and the hotel.  I want to thank Gene and Carol for hosting the hotwives pool party last weekend.  It was the best party I can remember.  I want to send out a shout to my friend Kitten in Virgina.  She is an independent escort who does business from NY to VA.  If you are looking for a gorgeous full figured dark skinned beauty she could be your fantasy come true.  

Aunt Beth Is Horny

First of all some really great news.  My sister Kim had her baby Sunday night.  Kaitlyn is a healthy 7 lb 3 oz bundle of joy.  Kim and baby came home today and they are doing really well.  It is so nice to have a baby in the house.  I want to thank an anonymous man in Auburn Washington for the generous $50 donation.  This will be put to good use toward my June internet hosting bill.  I have been working a lot of extra shifts at the hospital the past couple of weeks.  I promised my son that we would go to Disney World this year and I am intent on keeping that promise.  I am adding a

new story to my website tonight from Marlee.  Marlee writes to share some of her experiences hooking up with guys half her age. The story is titled, Older Woman Younger Men.  I have a couple more new stories to add this week so please add my site to your favorite links or bookmarks and check back often.  I didn’t get a chance to party with my swinging friends this past weekend because Kim was in labor.  I am looking forward to seeing you guys in Fort Worth next weekend.  I am planning to bring my new friend Sam to the party.

Mercy Fuck

heatherspace.jpg I added a couple of new stories since my last blog update.  Mom And Daughter Sex Lessons is a story from Darcy about the open and frank relationship she has with her teenage daughter.  The other story is from Heather in Aurora Illinois, A Mercy Fuck For Stuart . This is the second story that Heather has shared.  I have been exchanging emails with Heather and hoping to meet her next week when she come to the Dallas area.  Heather has a very interesting webpage and blog called Heatherspace.com.  I haven’t

mentioned my sister Kim in awhile.  She is pregnant and living with me and due in a couple of weeks.  I hope the baby comes soon she is getting crabby.  At the request of some of my fans, I added a section of taboo stories awhile back.  These were originally only assesible from my member area. However I have decided to link to them from the homepage.  The taboo stories are a very small part of the collection of true stories.  The themes are very extreme and will shock and offend most readers so please be warned and do not read them if you are easily disturbed or offended.

Cum Kisses

I want to thank my loyal fans for being patient with me.  I have had to step back a little from adding new stories.  I am determined to only add quality true stories to my website.  I am not going to fill it up with recycled crap or poorly written stories.  I have been working extra shifts at work to make ends meet.  My sister Kim is due in a few weeks and can’t work.  I have been trying to make time to work on a new relationship with Dr. Bob but that crashed and burned last week.   The handsome doctor had been

flirting and asking me out for months.  Our first few dates were romantic and fun and the sex was amazing.  But when I told Bob about my open sexual lifestyle he got weird and now I haven’t heard from him in two days.  I don’t know whether to call him or not.  I expected this, and I am a big girl so I am not going to sit around feeling sorry for myself.  I added a new story this morning from Luis.  Cum Coated Girl Kisses is a story about a couple and their first MFF threesome experience.  I have a few more new stories coming and I am planning to add a set of erotic bondage pictures of myself in the near futures so please add my site to your favorites and check back often.  

Teacher Fuck

First I want to send out a long distance thanks to Joe who is in the military and stationed in Iraq.  He sent a very generous $50 donation this week.  Thanks Joe!  Be safe and kick some terrorist ass.  I have recently started a relationship with a doctor (Dr. Bob) on the staff at the hospital.  He is an older man that has been flirting with me for over a year.  I really wasn’t interested in getting involved with someone I work with again or breaking up

another marriage so I turned down about 20 invitations to go out.  Dr. Bob caught me at a vulnerable moment a couple of weeks ago and I took him up on an invitation to grab a sandwich after my shift.  Dr. Bob surprised me with his old fashioned sweet charm and the fact that he bought dinner and enjoyed my company and didn’t try and fuck me.  We have been out a few more times since then and I feel like we are becoming friends.  My sister Kim told my mom that I was dating a Doctor and now the whole family knows.  They are just waiting for me to fuck this up.  I predict Bob will lose interest when he finds out about my sexual lifestyle.  I have been working on a couple of new internet projects and tweaking things on mynaughtystory.  I am trying to improve my search engine ranking.  I stopped accepting new members to the VIP area last week. I have also stopped adding new stories.  I have run out of money.  The rate that I add new stories is going to unfortunately slow down severely since I don’t have the funds to pay for them.  I have had no other choice but to take extra hours at work to keep up with my rising bills and gas.  I am adding the last new story I have in my cue today from Monica, a high school history teacher about her experience getting too close with one of her students. “Teacher Student Confession

Nice Tits

I have gotten bad about updating this blog.  I have been really busy working on several other projects.  A graphics makeover of mynaughtystory.com is well underway.  I have been busy working on advertising and optimizing the website to improve search engine ranking.   I took a break Saturday night to go to a wild ass sex party.  I got invited as the guest of my friends Tammy and Rick to go to a wild pool party in Denton.  We had a really wild time.  I got some bad news this afternoon.  I have been ignoring a bad tooth for almost a month.  I finally got in to see the dentist this morning and got the news I expected.  The tooth will need a root canal.  I can hardly afford that.  My dental insurance is crap and the thing is going to cost over $1200.

I have to go back next Tuesday to start the process which will require three visits to the dentist.  The good news is that I got a prescription for Vicodin to deal with the pain.  I added a new link to my page this weekend.  It is called the Featured Story.  I have so many great stories on my site now that I want to bring attention to some of the older ones.  Please take time to rate stories that you read.  Also please take time to make a sex confession while you are here.  I update the confessions on average once a day.  

Girl on Girl Domination

bdsm I had a crazy wild experience this weekend with a couple from Plano Texas that emailed me from the link they found on my website.  The woman had a fantasy of being dominated by a female and her husband wanted to watch.  I met them dressed up in my black corset and fishnets and brought along a number of toys, rope and handcuffs.  I used my naughty tawse that my friend Ernie hand made for me.  I punished Debbie’s ass good with the tawse leaving her beautiful firm ass red and welted.  I am going to give the tawse away to the first person in May who donates

over $100.  I posted a video of myself masturbating in the VIP area.  I added four new stories to the story index this weekend.  My featured story is a story that I got from Bonnie titled, “My Big Cock Experience“.  I also added a slide show of my pictures this weekend.  

New Pictures

naughty erotic stories I did a photo shoot last Wednesday after work.  My friend Dani took the pictures and I am real happy about the way they turned out. I am using some of those shots to do a graphic update of my website.  I spent the last couple of days working on that.  I will be adding some more of the new pictures to the website over the next few days.  I want to thank Mark in Newport Beach CA, Stephen in Michigan and Duane in Wyoming for their donations last week.  I added two new stories to the story index this week. I want to thank Kelly and Randy for sending me the sexy pictures and confessions.  I could really use some new confessions.  Please share your naughty secrets with me

and my readers.  I am interested in doing link exchanges with other adult oriented websites.  Contact me if you want to exchange links.

Deep Throat

my mom taught me how to suck cock I updated the story index with a couple of new stories today.  I Fucked The Repo Man is a story from Hailey who had to fuck the tow truck driver to keep him from taking her car.  The other story is from Mike who got rewarded with some pussy by a young single mom he helped out.  One Good Deed Deserves Another.  I want to thank Sharon in Yuma AZ for the $20 donation Friday.  I owe over $150 this

month for hosting expenses and find myself begging for donations again.  I am struggling to keep this website growing let alone alive.  If everyone who read this would just donate $5, I would be able to pay my hosting costs for the rest of the year and be able to add several new photo sets of my naughty friends.   My featured story is from Stephanie who wrote about her true experiences, including her mom teaching her how to suck cock.  Stephanie’s Cock Tales

Premature Ejaculation

panty drop, Libby fucked the basketball team I spent the weekend doing yard work.  I planted some shrubs and plants.  I am so tired and anxious to go to bed, I have to be at work an hour early tomorrow for a meeting. I added a few new stories this weekend.  They are on the member area.  The member area continues to grow steadily.  This is the list of stories posted on the member area.  I added some new sponsor links to a few pages.  I am trying to make a little profit on this website in April so I can book some new photo shoots with my naughty friends.  I

added an entry on my sex tips page regarding premature ejaculation.  I got an email from Carmen asking for advice.  My featured story is from Libby who wrote to share her experience of fucking the basketball team when she was in college.

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